The mission of the Fair Food Standards Council (FFSC) is to monitor the development of a sustainable agricultural industry that advances the human rights of farmworkers, the long-term interests of growers, and the ethical supply chain concerns of retail food companies through implementation of the Fair Food Program.

We are pleased to announce that longtime Participating Grower Pacific Tomato Growers d/b/a Sunripe Certified Brands – the first major grower to sign a Fair Food agreement in 2010 – has joined with Pete Pappas and Sons, Inc. and Tennessee-based Smoky Mountain Family Farms to become the newest tomato grower in the Fair Food Program.

Additionally, Fresh Tulips LLC d/b/a Bloomia, a tulip and peony grower based in Virginia, joined the Fair Food Program in July, as the first flower grower to ensure that its workers are protected by the Fair Food Code of Conduct.

The Fair Food Standards Council looks forward to the collaborative partnerships that have already been initiated with both of these new growers, and the potential for future growth in Tennessee, the flower industry, as well as with any other growers interested in adopting the unique protections afforded by the Fair Food Program.